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Get Off Go with Nutanix

Feb 24, 2020 9:08:49 AM / by DataVizion

For a while now, businesses of all sizes have been steering away from traditional data centers and toward the cloud. Increased productivity, decreased overhead, and overall fewer IT headaches are just some of the results. However, there are disadvantages as well – compliance, lack of ability to predict costs accurately, and potential loss of control over infrastructure – to name a few.


The promise of public cloud with cost control and security you demand. You can’t have everything right? Wrong! The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers the simplicity, scalability and flexibility benefits of the public cloud, but with the control and security businesses need in the enterprise datacenter.



The Enterprise Cloud is a 100% software-based solution that can run on off-the-shelf servers from all leading server manufacturers. Worried about time? With a Nutanix-powered infrastructure, you can go from the starting line to full deployment in just 60 minutes or less. Enjoying the ease of day-to-day management through a single GUI/console.



You have the freedom to start in the slow lane and accelerate as your business does – just like the public cloud. Plus, the capacity to your network and/or storage capacity can be added as needed without interruption or downtime. No more waiting for new hardware to arrive and taking time and resources to integrate it with your existing environment. With Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, an entire software stack can be upgraded in a single click, and without disruption to the live environment.



One of the most important aspects of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is the flexibility when it comes to application mobility. With support for one-click migration,  you can seamlessly move across various infrastructure platforms. Without infrastructure constraints, your IT team is in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting and leveraging the best applications based on your current needs.


Control and Security

With the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform, you will be in the fast lane with automated security features with no negative application impact. It also integrates with a broad network of validated, security partner solutions to provide a holistic approach to securing your data.

Utilizing patented machine-learning data-driven algorithms, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform becomes smarter over time, which reduces reliance (and potential for humor error) on everyday administrator intervention.


Let us help you determine which workloads you could move to Nutanix and put you standing at the top of the podium in your company.  We have a quick, proven method of sizing a Nutanix for you that will maximize ROI as well as decrease your administrative pain.  We WILL get your nights and weekends back for you!


Questions? Or ready to take a test drive? Please join us for an informative and fun-filled afternoon of go-kart racing March 5, 2020, at Pole Position Raceway in Des Moines, Iowa.

Click here for details and to register. We look forward to seeing you there!


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